Building Your Dream Home in 6 weeks

Have you ever been imaging living in your dream home? Of course it would cost a fortune that is why is just a dream. But Steve Aureen has made his dream come true in just 6 weeks by building his house. It is not just a normal house but his vacation home and with just $9,000…

South Korea’s Tower Infinity

While it will be one of the world’s largest towers upon completion, South Korea’s Tower Infinity certainly won’t be called an eyesore; in fact you may not be able to see it at all. Although certainly impressive for its height alone, (the tower will rank at number six in the world’s tallest), it is for…

Nature Inspiration for Ancient Building

The houses are built to take advantage of the power of the wind and sun, or to protect against a hostile environment. For example, the Moroccan dar home has a central courtyard that acts as an air shaft, the walls are built thick and the houses are low, to make the searing heat more bearable….

3D printed cladding on a London Building used by Skanska

Skanska, a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden, where it also is the largest construction company, is using 3D printing technology in the construction of its £50m Bevis Marks development in the City of London.

My 3D Design Inspiration

Recently I wanted to do some changes to my bedroom, because looked really plain and with no design touch at all. Working in project designing helped me understand better space and creating it where it is not available. A 3D model generated software helped me a lot during this decorating process, to see how it…