My baby’s headband

After my twins were born (my little Alban and Isabel) I wanted to make something cute for my little girl. I have always been fascinated by headbands for babies.

Today I decided to do a couple for my girl.

I wanted to create something simple and fast, so she can wear with anything everywhere. Than I have done this simple DIY headbands and trust me I used it also to create my own headbands.

What you will need:

1. Ribbon
2. Elastic band
3. Glitter Heart shape, fabric flower or any other accessory
4. Strong fabric glue or hot glue
5. Sewing machine

1. Measure the baby’s head and be sure to cut the ribbon 10 cm shorter than the whole perimeter of the head

2. Cut an elastic band 5 cm long.

3. Use a fabric flower or if you want make your own accessories to glue to the ribbon.

4. Use a sewing machine to attach the elastic band and the ribbon together

photo 1

And than you have a unique headband for your little girl.IMG_0153.JPG



If you like it you can make it yourself. Have fun. 🙂


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